Anne Hathaway Once Rejected Tim Burton's 'alice In Wonderland' Because Of 'the Princess Diaries'

Anne Hathaway once revealed that she originally turned down Alice in "Alice in Wonderland" because it reminded her too much of her "Princess Diaries" role.

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As many know, actor Anne Hathaway was once cast in Tim Burton’s take on Alice in Wonderland. But she rejected the part when she was first approached for the role. This was because she thought the Alice character was too similar to lớn her role in The Princess Diaries.

Anne Hathaway once felt she was typecast after ‘The Princess Diaries’

Anne Hathaway | Rich Fury/Getty Images

The Princess Diaries films played a significant role in making Hathaway an A-Lister. The movie & its sequel turned Hathaway into a household name, bringing a lot of attention her way. This would lead khổng lồ offers from other movies. But the characters she was being asked to lớn play were too similar to her Princess Diaries role.

The young actor didn’t want khổng lồ be pigeonholed as her Princess Diaries character Mia, so she made steps lớn change that.

“It was hard get into rooms, to be taken seriously for roles that weren’t princesses,” she once told Huffpost Live (via People). “My whole M.O. In my 20s was being in as many different types of films as you can. Working with as many different types of directors as you can. I think, in part, that’s what I wanted to vày as an actor.”

She stuck lớn this plan of hers when she was offered Alice in Wonderland.

Anne Hathaway was originally offered the role of Alice in Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’

The idea of a contemporary for the classic story Alice in Wonderland floated around Hollywood before director Tim Burton landed the project. Before there was a director attached khổng lồ the movie, however, Hathaway was being considered for the main role. But it wasn’t a role she was interested in because of her part in The Princess Diaries.

“The studio had the Alice script a long time ago & I was approached back then for the part of Alice. I considered it, but felt, what with The Princess Diaries, that I had been there, done that sort of pretty-girl-in-a-fairy-dress role,” Hathaway once said in an interview with GQ.

Hathaway wouldn’t completely rule out being in Wonderland altogether. She just had her sights mix on a different role.

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“I told the studio, however, that if they found a director eventually, that I would be interested at a later date in playing the trắng Queen,” she said.

After Burton was hired for Wonderland, Hathaway kept her word & ended up as the trắng Queen in the film.

“When Tim came on board he had the cast he wanted and, of course, that didn’t include me. But the other actress who was marked had scheduling conflicts, so the studio piped up and put me forward,” she recalled. “I talked on the phone with Tim and he really liked my take. I wanted the Queen lớn be a cross between Debbie Harry, Greta Garbo, David Bowie, with little bit of the work of Dan Flavin thrown in for good measure.”

Anne Hathaway felt that her Oscar nomination made others view her in a different light


Anne Hathaway Tried khổng lồ ‘Reflect’ Jeremy Strong’s Method Acting in ‘Armageddon Time’

Hathaway continued adding more versatility lớn her career by doing more challenging roles. One of the films that she felt helped others take her acting more seriously was Rachel Getting Married. The dark drama earned Hathaway an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

“People that I really respect have come up to me và said that they did not think that I had that in me. That is a very nice feeling but I wasn’t out lớn prove anything with that role. But that happened without me trying & it was nice. I started when I was so young and my goal has always been career longevity và so I always planned lớn take my time with everything and explore things,” she once said in an interview with Fan

Known for whimsically dark films like "Beetlejuice," "Edward Scissorhands," & "Sleepy Hollow," director Tim Burton has solidified himself in Hollywood as an eccentric visionary. Marrying fantasy and horror, Burton tackles original screenplays và classic adaptations through a gothic lens và with a playful imagination.

In 2010 when he directed "Alice in Wonderland" (a live-action reimagining of Lewis Carroll"s works), many were nervous about how Burton would tackle the classic piece of literature, myself included. However, star Anne Hathaway had her own trepidations about playing The white Queen & working with the legendary director. 

Walt Disney Studios
In an interview with Movie
Web, Anne Hathaway stated that she "had been very nervous about working with Tim Burton." She stated that she had admired him from the first time she saw "Beetlejuice" và didn"t want to lớn disappoint him. Hathaway continued, "I wanted to lớn fit into Wonderland, which was a mad, imaginative wonderful world. Also I was very nervous about working on green screen, which I had not done before."

All of those fears seem valid. However, it was also Burton"s first time filming with a green screen và those portions comprised a majority of the film. There is an incredible amount of giải pháp công nghệ involved with that much CGI, and I appreciate how actors are able khổng lồ perform scenes without the real environment or characters there with them on set. It takes an added layer of focus & imagination that would be difficult to lớn channel.

Walt Disney Studios
Despite Hathaway"s nervousness, Burton ended up being a pleasure khổng lồ work with. Hathaway explained:

"Tim Burton was totally open to everything. He is not a director who says "no" very often. He likes to play, he likes khổng lồ explore. Even if he might disagree with you or if he doesn"t understand where you want to lớn go, he will give you the opportunity khổng lồ try." She continued, "he is very easy khổng lồ get along with. He is very interesting, very funny và he is a rule breaker."

It"s always nice lớn hear stories lượt thích this about directors because there doesn"t seem to lớn be much of an in-between. Some directors have a singular vision and do not take input đầu vào from their cast while others are open-minded and willing lớn play with ideas. Since Burton does have such a distinct style, it"s refreshing khổng lồ know that he is still flexible on set.

Despite Hathaway"s anxiety about working with such legends, she tackled her character with grace and has obviously continued to flourish in her career like the true queen that she is.

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