The "2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards" was held at the
Hong Kong Asia World Expo Arena on November 22 KST.

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Launched in 1999, the "MAMA" is a major K-pop award ceremonies that attracts performers from all the over the world. It aims lớn bring together international fans & musical artists of different cultures and languages on one great stage as well as bring Asia"s music lớn the world. This is the fourth time the event has been held outside of South Korea.

Check out 2013?s winners & nominees & below! (Winners arebolded.)

?Best New Female Artist

Crayon Pop

Kim Ye Rim | Ladies" Code | Lee Hi | Yoo Sung Eun

?Best New Male Artist

Roy Kim

BTS | Bumkey | Jung Joon Young | Yoo Seung Woo

?Best Female Artist

Lee Hyori

Ailee | Baek Ji Young | IU | Sunmi

?Best Male Artist

G-DragonCho Yong Pil | Lee Seung Gi | Lee Seung Chul | Psy

?Best Female Group

Girls" Generation

4minute | f(x) | 2NE1 | SISTAR

?Best Male Group


EXO | SHINee | Shinhwa | TEEN TOP

?Best Dance Performance - Female Group

SISTAR - "Give it to Me"

4minute - "What"s Your Name" | Crayon Pop - "Bar Bar Bar" | Girl"s Day - "Expect" | Girls" Generation - "I Got a Boy"

?Best Dance Performance - Male Group

SHINee - "Dream Girl"

B1A4 - "What"s Going On" | B2ST - "Shadow" | EXO - "Growl" | INFINITE - "Man in Love"

?Best Dance Performance - Female Solo

CL - "The Baddest Female"

G.NA - "Oops!" | Lee Hyori - "Bad Girls" | Seo In Young - "Love Me" | Sunmi - "24 Hours"

?Best Dance Performance - Male Solo

G-Dragon- "Crooked"

Jay Park - "Joah" | Psy - "Gentleman" | Seungri - "Gotta Talk to U" | B2ST"s Yoseob - "Caffeine"

?Best Vocal Performance - Female

Ailee- "U & I"

Davichi"s "Turtle" | IU - "The Red Shoes" | Lee Hi - "1,2,3,4" | Lyn - "Breakable Heart"

?Best Vocal Performance - Male

Lee Seung Gi - "Return"

2AM - "One Spring Day" | cho Yong Pil - "Bounce" | K.Will - "Blossom" | Lee Seung Chul - "My Love"

?Best Band Performance

Busker Busker - "First Love"

Dick Punks - "Viva Primavera" | Nell - "Ocean of Light" | Jaurim - "25, 21"

?Best Rap Performance

Dynamic Duo - "BAAAM"

Baechigi - "Shower of Tears" | Geeks - "Wash Away" | MFBTY - "Sweet Dream" | Verbal Jint - "If it Ain"t Love"

?Best OST

Yoon mi Rae - "Touch Love" ("The Sun of My Master")

Davichi - "Don"t You Know" ("IRIS 2") | Jung Yub - "Why Did You Come Now?" ("I Hear Your Voice") | miss A"s Suzy - "Don"t Forget Me" ("Gu Family Book") | The One - "Winter Love" ("That Winter, the Wind Blows")

Best Music Video

G-Dragon - "Coup D"Etat"

Busker Busker - "First Love" | mang đến Yong Pil - "Bounce" | Lee Seung Chul - "My Love" | Psy - "Gentleman"

? Artist of the Year


EXO | Girls" Generation | Psy | đến Yong Pil

Album of the Year


Girls" Generation - "I Got a Boy" | G-Dragon - "Coup D"Etat" | SHINee - Chapter 1. Dream Girl - The Misconceptions of You | đến Yong Pil - "Hello"

?Song of the Year

Cho Yong Pil- "Bounce"

Psy - "Gentleman" | Busker Busker - "First Love" | Girls" Generation - "I Got a Boy" | Crayon Pop - "Bar Bar Bar" | 2AM - "One Spring Day" | B1A4 - "What"s Going On" | CNBLUE - "I"m Sorry" | EXO - "Growl" | G-Dragon - "Crooked" | G.NA - "Oops!" | MFBTY - "Sweet Dream" | Girl"s Day - "Expectation" | Geeks - "Wash Away" | Nell - "Ocean Of Light" | Davichi - "Turtle" | Dynamic Duo - "BAAAM" | Dick
Punks - "Viva Primavera" | Lyn - "Breakable Heart" | Jay Park - "Joah" | Baechigi - "Shower Of Tears" | Verbal Jint - "If It Ain"t Love" | B2ST - "Shadow" | SHINee - "Dream Girl" | Seo In Young - "Love Me" | Sunmi - "24 Hours" | Seungri - "Gotta Talk khổng lồ U" | SISTAR - "Give it khổng lồ Me" | CL - "The Baddest Female" | IU - "The Red Shoes" | Yoseob - "Caffeine" | Ailee - "U&I" | Lee Seung Gi - "Return" | Lee Seung Chul - "My Love" | Lee Hi - "1,2,3,4" | Lee Hyori - "Bad Girls" | INFINITE - "Man In Love" | Jaurim - "25, 21" | K.Will - "Love Blossom" | 4minute - "What"s Your Name?"

Best dance female solo : CL “The Baddest Female”Best dance performance female group : SISTAR “Give It khổng lồ Me”Nissan Juke Best Music video clip : G-DragonDiscovery of the year : Bae
Best New Female Artist: Crayon PopBest Asian Artist Singapore : Derrick HohBest Asian Artist Vietnam : Thu Minh Best Asian Artist Singapore : Tor SaksitBest Asian Artist Indonesia : SM + SHBest Asian Artist nhật bản : Kyary Pamyu PamyuBest Asian Artist trung quốc : Aron KwokBest Male Artist: G-DragonSong of the year: Cho Young-Pil-BounceBest Dance Performance – Male Solo: G-Dragon – “Crooked“Best Female Vocal Performance: Ailee – “U&I”Style in Music Award: SISTARNext Generation Global Star : A PinkWorldwide Performer Award : InfiniteInternational Favorite Artist: YlvisArtist of the year: G-DragonBest Dance Group Performance: SHINeeBest Male Vocal Performance: Lee Seung GiBest Rap Performance: Dynamic DuoBest Band Performance: Busker BuskerBest Female Group: Girls’ GenerationBest Male Group: InfiniteBest Concert Performer: Lee Seung ChulBest Female artist: HyoriAlbum of the year: EXO

Red Carpet Page: 2Awards and performances page: 3, 4, Finale

The 2013 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) in Hong Kong is streaming live on Youtube right now from MNET America.

The hosts for the English broadcast will be translating the show and giving commentary, so English speakers will be able lớn understand the show better. The hosts of the English broadcast are LA rapper Dumbfoundead, After School member Bekah, Danny Im, & Hannah Jun.

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Many great performances are expected tonight at the 2013 MAMA. There will be great performances from world star Rain, boy groups INFINITE and EXO, Lee Seung Gi and Paris Hilton. The show will also feature a duet between SISTAR‘s Hyorin & living legend Stevie Wonder.

Attending singers:

2NE1, Aaron Kwok, Ailee, A Pink, Baechigi, Big Bang, Busker Busker, Crayon Pop, nhảy 9, Dynamic Duo, EXO, Girls’ Generation, Icona Pop, Infinite, Jaurim, Jay Park, Lee Haneul, Lee Hyori, Lee Seung Chul, Lee Seung Gi, Paris Hilton, Park Jae Jung, SISTAR, Stevie Wonder, Trouble Maker, Ylvis, Zhu Jia Jia

 Full show

Red Carpet Screencaps








Awards Show

Opening stage by EXO’s Kai, Jaurim, Lee Haneul và Jay Park

Host Lee Sung Gi greets everyone in English.


Best dance female solo : CL “The Baddest Female”Best dance performance female group : SISTAR “Give It to lớn Me”Nissan Juke Best Music clip : G-Dragon


Trouble Maker Performance – “Now”

Infinite Performance – “BTD” + “Destiny”


Discovery of the year : Bae
Best New Female Artist: Crayon Pop


Best Asian Artist Singapore : Derrick HohBest Asian Artist Vietnam : Thu Minh Best Asian Artist Singapore : Tor SaksitBest Asian Artist Indonesia : SM + SHBest Asian Artist japan : Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Aron Kwok Performance, wins Best Asian Artist China

Best Male Artist: G-Dragon, his second award of the night.

2NE1 Performance


Icona Pop + CL


Song of the year: Cho Young-Pil-Bounce



Awards part 2

Dancing 9 Performance

Best Dance Performance – Male Solo: G-Dragon – “Crooked


Best Female Vocal Performance: Ailee – “U&I”


Ylvis + Crayon Pop Performance


Style in Music Award: SISTAR

Performance :Superstar K5 winner Park Jae Jung và Superstar china winner Zhu Jia Jia

Next Generation Global Star : A Pink


Worldwide Performer Award : Infinite

International Favorite Artist: Ylvis

Performance: EXO – “Growl” “Wolf”


Artist of the year: G-Dragon


Best OST Award : Yoon Mirae “Best Love” from “Master′s Sun”

Best New Male Artist: Roy Kim


Performance: Lee Seung Gi – 

Best Male Vocal Performance: Lee Seung Gi

Best Rap Performance: Dynamic Duo


Best Band Performance: Busker Busker

Big Bang Presents Stevie Wonder with the “Music Makes One Global Ambassador Award

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