Lee kwang soo relationship status 2022: is he still dating ‘work later, drink now’ actress lee sun bin?

Is Lee Kwang Soo và Lee Sun Bin Still Together? All About Kwang Soo’s Girlfriend


As an avid Running Man viewer, you must be familiar with the beloved Lee Kwang Soo. Fans often ponder, “Is Lee Kwang Soo và Lee Sun Bin still together?” and eagerly dig around for news on Lee Kwang Soo’s girlfriend. As it turns out, the lucky lady is none other than the rising star, Lee Sun Bin. Let’s unravel their captivating tale.

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And yes, as of now (2023), they’re still together, although they aren’t married (yet).

Lee Kwang Soo, an international sensation from South Korea, gained massive popularity with his appearance on SBS’s Running Man in 2010. His character, an unlucky member, has garnered much love from fans not only in Korea but all over the world. During his Running Man tour, the extent of his fame was apparent in various Asian regions, including Singapore. He’s also known for his comedic spin on the melodramatic tuy vậy “Saint Agnes và the Burning Train.”

If you’re wondering, “Who is Kwang Soo’s girlfriend?” stay tuned.

Lee Kwang Soo, the Unlucky-in-Love Hunk

Running Man’s producers urged members khổng lồ amplify their real-life personalities on screen. Since you can’t exactly exaggerate luck, Lee Kwang Soo often found himself the butt of jokes about his lack of romantic success, despite his towering height, handsome looks, and wealth.

Over the years, his fellow members laughed at his seemingly nonexistent love life. However, the tables turned when it was revealed that our favorite Giraffe was dating a stunning actress và singer – meet Lee Sun Bin, Kwang Soo’s girlfriend.

Lee Kwang Soo’s Girlfriend, Lee Sun Bin: A Rising Star Turned Real Star

Lee Sun Bin, although a rising star in the industry, may be unfamiliar khổng lồ some. The singer / actor skyrocketed into fame in two years. She initially joined the K-pop girl group, JQT, in 2011, which disbanded a year later, leaving her as a K-pop singer for just four months.

Her journey continued as an acting trainee, featuring in numerous commercials & music videos. She landed supporting roles, gaining recognition after her performance in Squad 38, alongside Train khổng lồ Busan’s Ma Dong-seok. Her hard work eventually paid off, and she secured a leading role in the action drama, Sketch, starring with the perpetually popular Rain.

Lee Sun Bin’s journey khổng lồ fame eerily mirrors Lee Kwang Soo’s rise to stardom. Just lượt thích her, Kwang Soo started with supporting roles before becoming a respected figure in the industry.

The Love Story of Kwang Soo & Sun Bin: A Tale of Two Stars

True Running Man fans will remember the episode where Lee Kwang Soo và Lee Sun Bin first met in 2016. In a whimsical twist, the pair expressed interest in each other, và Kwang Soo playfully proclaimed they would marry the following week. However, given his reputation for flirting with every female guest, fans didn’t immediately jump lớn conclusions.

Fast forward to the kết thúc of 2018, when Lee Kwang Soo’s agency, King Kong by Starship, confirmed the swirling rumors. They announced, “Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sun Bin, who met on Running Man, have been dating for 5 months.” Prior lớn this revelation, Kwang Soo had been casually introducing Sun Bin as his girlfriend during outings. Despite his comedic persona, it seems Kwang Soo wasn’t joking this time.

So, there you have it – the intriguing story of Kwang Soo và his girlfriend, Sun Bin, or as fans lovingly refer khổng lồ them, the “Lee-Lee” couple. It seems love is truly possible in the Korean entertainment industry, as we’ve seen with the Song-Song couple (though that love story sadly ended), và now the Lee-Lee couple. Perhaps we’ll soon witness a “Kim-Kim” couple with Kim Jong-Kook. Who knows? Love is always full of surprises!

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Best Lee Kwang-soo Running Man moments 

On 27th April, Lee Kwang-soo announced his impending departure from Running Man due to lớn health issues. He has been in rehabilitation for injuries sustained in a oto accident back in February 2020, và will leave Running Man on 24th May to lớn focus on recovering.This was saddening news because he has been a regular member who had great rapport with the rest of the team. 

Kwang-soo, who gained multiple nicknames from the variety show such as “Prince of Asia” & “Giraffe”, gave viewers 11 years of joy and laughter with his antics. Here are 8 best Lee Kwang-soo Running Man moments that will always make us giggle even after multiple rewatches. 

Table of Contents

Best Lee Kwang-soo Running Man moments 

1. Kwang-soo’s pants fall off during an ice shower

Image adapted from: SBS

Episodes 360 and 361 were special episodes celebrating Running Man’s 7th anniversary. The members invited their friends and family onto the show khổng lồ play games.

At the kết thúc of episode 361, the losers of the games had to take an ice shower outdoors. Buckets of ice water were dumped on them. 

Image adapted from: SBS

To everyone’s shock và amusement, Kwang-soo’s pants fell off as ice water was dumped on him.

What’s even funnier was that Kwang-soo didn’t realise that his pants fell off – he was so dazed by the sudden cold shower that he only noticed his predicament after other Running Man members pointed it out.

You can watch episode 360 và episode 361 on Viu.

2. Kwang-soo’s witty response when asked about his relationship

Image adapted from: SBS

In episode 434, Running Man held a mock press conference for Kwang-soo, so that he could  make an official announcement about dating Lee Sun-bin, a popular actress.

They seated him at the centre of the table despite his protests. A tense silence ensued when Kwang-soo began to lớn talk about his concerns after his relationship with Sun-bin was made public, but the tension immediately broke when he revealed that his greatest worry was coming to lớn work on Monday. 

Image adapted from: SBS

Kwang-soo & Sun-bin first met each other while filming Running Man episode 319. Sun-bin was a guest on the show và she played the lie detector game with Kwang-soo.

Sun-bin once mentioned that Kwang-soo is her ideal type during a Radio Star episode in 2016. To thử nghiệm if she was speaking the truth, Kwang-soo used a lie detector on Sun-bin. Sun-bin said that she still thinks Kwang-soo is her ideal type, but to Kwang-soo’s disappointment, the lie detector indicated that she was lying.

Refusing to acknowledge that Sun-bin had a change of heart, Kwang-soo made her do the lie detector thử nghiệm again, but it still indicated that she was lying.

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Image adapted from: SBS

They met each other again in episode 357. When asked if she still liked Kwang-soo, Sun-bin confidently said yes. Jae-suk used the lie detector test, và it finally indicated that she was telling the truth.

Kwang-soo is known lớn be very flirty when there are female guests on Running Man. Even though both Kwang-soo và Sun-bin showed interest in each other, viewers didn’t expect the 2 to kết thúc up as a real-life couple. It was a pleasant surprise when their relationship was revealed, và the couple is still going strong.

You can watch episode 357 on Viu.

3. Kwang-soo as the “Blue Monster” who is always late

Image adapted from: SBS

In episode 462, the Running Man members played a series of games, one of which was the “Try Not to Laugh” game. Players need khổng lồ make one another laugh, và the 1st person lớn laugh, loses.

Kwang-soo, who was on a mission lớn make Jong-kook laugh, painted his entire face xanh only to lớn find out that the game was already over.

Image adapted from: SBS

This wasn’t the 1st time something lượt thích this happened. There’s a special Running Man episode, filmed in the UK, where Kwang-soo did a similar look. However, his efforts went lớn waste as the trò chơi was over. 

You can watch Kwang-soo with his “blue monster” look on Viu.

4. Kwang-soo confidently sings The Lion Sleeps Tonight out of tune

Image adapted from: SBS

The Running Man members learnt how to yodel, dance, and sing acapella in episode 520.

During the acapella segment, the members were split into 2 teams. The teams had some time khổng lồ come up with an acapella performance và perform it in front of the acapella instructors. Kwang-soo’s team took on The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Image adapted from: SBS

Kwang-soo immediately went off-pitch & asked for another chance. Seeing this, the rival team laughed. 

Image adapted from: SBS

However, Kwang-soo’s 2nd try was just as bad. The rival team & instructors collapsed into laughter as Kwang-soo continued lớn sing dreadfully out of tune.

The captions for this show were hilarious. While Kwang-soo belted out his notes, captions such as “summoning a ghost” và “something must have happened in the jungle” flashed on the screen.

His shameless confidence is admirable, và it has become a staple of the show for the past 11 years.

You can watch Kwang-soo sing out of tune on Viu. 

5. Kwang-soo expresses love, joy & gratitude with his face

Kwang-soo’s expression of love.Image adapted from: SBS

Also in episode 520, the Running Man members learnt how lớn dance the hula dance. Facial expression is an important aspect of the hula dance, as the dancer has khổng lồ maintain a smiling face while dancing.

The hula dance instructor told them khổng lồ express love, joy, và gratitude using only their facial expressions. 

Image adapted from: SBS

The members tried their best to bởi so, and of course, Kwang-soo lived up lớn his nickname, “Scene Stealer”, and made the weirdest scene-stealing facial expressions. 

You can watch them learn the hula dance on Viu.

6. Kwang-soo struggles khổng lồ choose between Jisoo và Sun-bin 

Image adapted from: SBS

BLACKPINK appeared on Running Man as special guests in episode 525, và they played a trò chơi wearing mèo headbands that move when they sense nervousness. 

The Running Man members và BLACKPINK had a great time asking one another uncomfortable questions just to lớn trigger a strong movement from the ears on the headbands.

To everyone’s amusement, Kwang-soo visibly panicked when Jennie asked, “Who is prettier, Jisoo or Sun-bin?”

He refused to lớn answer và claimed that both Jisoo and Sun-bin have their charms. The others teased him and said that not answering made him seem more suspicious. Jong-kook guessed that the answer probably crossed his mind, because of how vigorously the ears on Kwang-soo’s headband swivelled after the question was asked.

You can watch this special Running Man X BLACKPINK episode on Viu.

7. Kwang-soo messes up Jessi’s iconic line

Image adapted from: SBS

One of the funniest impressions that Kwang-soo has ever done was Jessi’s iconic line in Unpretty Rapstar – “We are not a team, this is a competition.”

In episode 503, when Jessi was a guest on Running Man, Kwang-soo confidently said “This is not comfortable” during a thẻ game. Because the sentence was in English, he confused “competition” with “comfortable”. 

There was a split second of confusion before Jessi realised that he was trying lớn imitate her and she burst into laughter. 

You can watch this episode on Viu. 

8. The never-ending saga between the “Tiger” & “Giraffe”

Image adapted from: SBS

You don’t have lớn be an avid fan hâm mộ of Running Man khổng lồ know that Kwang-soo & Jong-kook are always at loggerheads with each other. Kwang-soo is usually beaten by Jong-kook, especially when it comes khổng lồ physical games.

Kwang-soo got the nickname “Giraffe” because of his tall và slender frame, while Jong-kook is nicknamed “Sparta Kook” & “Tiger” because of his strength. 

Due khổng lồ their contrasting characteristics, Kwang-soo always found himself at the mercy of Jong-kook, resulting in hilarious scuffles between the two. 

Image adapted from: SBS

The only time Kwang-soo could get back at Jong-kook was when Jong-kook was physically restrained in some way. 

Best Lee Kwang-soo Running Man moments that we won’t forget

Kwang-soo is an invaluable thành viên of Running Man & we will miss his presence on the variety show. We wish him a speedy recovery, và hopefully, he will appear as a guest on the show in the future – or even return as a regular thành viên again. 

For now, we will rewatch the best Lee Kwang-soo Running Man moments to lớn cheer ourselves up. 

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